License Your Own Trail™ Location

Grace Trail’s emotional resilience trail map below illustrates new trail locations that are now being scouted, licensed and installed. For immediate questions about possible trail locations or licensing your own trail, please contact Anne Jolles at Our new Trail Kit® Licensing packet coming soon.

Explore Our Licensed Trails

Original Grace Trail®

Special Trail Location that falls outside of a formal trail license agreement but holds a special place in the history and development of Grace Trail, Inc.

This one mile, harborside Grace Trail runs along a paved and sandy path and meanders through a field with inspirational views. Large ocean stones with hand inscription are in place to guide walkers.This is Anne’s first trail that inspired the other trails nation wide.

East Lyme Grace Trail®

East Lyme has a new addition to its 0.8 of a mile walking trail situated at Samuel M. Peretz Park at Bridebrook. It is called Grace Trail. This self-guided walk was installed as a gift for the community to experience and enjoy as a mindful, meditative walk alone or with others. Our intention is for the trail to offer hope and peace as we honor and explore all of life’s twists and turns!

University of Massachusetts Boston Harborwalk Grace Trail®

UMass Boston’s GRACE Trail provides a stress reducing and health promoting opportunity for individuals to complete a mindful walk. The trail includes maps, information, reflective questions, and small decorated cairns strategically placed along the trail to encourage personal growth and healing for a diverse community.

Trail Venues being Negotiated and Processed

  • Wisconsin (Shawano Legend Grace Trail)
  • Grace Trail® at Green Trees Farm (Troy, Texas)
  • New Hampshire (“White Mountains” Madison, NH)
  • Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Connecticut (Hampden, CT)
  • Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Virginia (Manassas, VA)
  • California (San Diego, CA)
  • California (San Francisco, CA)
  • California, (Los Angeles)
  • Maryland (Havre de Grace, MD)
  • New York (Saratoga, NY)
  • Georgia (Atlanta, GA)
  • Georgia (Charleston, GA)
  • Georgia (Savannah , GA)
  • Texas (Austin, TX)
  • Arizona (Sedona, AZ)
  • Florida (Miami, FLA)
  • Washington (Olympia, WA)
  • Nebraska (Paxton, NE)
  • Utah (Salt Lake City)
  • Florida (Jacksonville)

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