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Whether you are a business owner, a corporate executive or someone who is tired of feeling stressed out and pressed for time, you have choices about how to live your life.

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Exciting news - Anne’s bi-monthly ‘Message of Hope’ email series is transitioning into a video podcast Tales from the Trail. This podcast will include real life stories sent from our Grace Trail community about their own lives, and which Anne will read or highlight on a video episode. Anne's first video will tell a compelling Grace Trail user story and we encourage you to watch this informative episode on YouTube by clicking the “Tales from the Trail” button here or provide us with your email address in the link below. If you would like Anne to consider or present your own story on our channel, please email us your story in the page button right here. Thank you for watching our videos and please support the Grace Trail with your likes, subscriptions and ‘turn on notifications’ on YouTube so you never miss our episodes!

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