Trail Kit Products

Our Trail Kit ® products evolved from Grace Trail ® founder Anne Jolles’ 20 years of personal coaching and building Grace Trails around the United States. The Kits were designed so anyone can affordably access the Grace Trail, and access their own inner courage and hope, anywhere, anytime. Grace Trail offers 3 types of Trail Kit products, and one is sure to meet your needs.

Mini  Trail Kit

Mini Trail Kit ® is a portable, self-guiding tool that places “Puts Hope Within Your Grasp!”

Your  Trail Kit

Your Trail Kit ® is a personal “Trail in a Box!” that allows you to set up a Grace Trail right out of the envelope and enjoy the trail with friends and family!

Custom  Trail Kit

Custom Trail Kit ® is our larger, licensable product, and is offered to allow people to build their own Grace Trail anywhere, and is limited only by one’s imagination.

Our smaller, personal Mini and Your  Trail Kits are often used by Anne at her live “Trail Events” to show groups how to create and walk their own Grace Trail. These portable, reusable Kits make great gifts for oneself and others, and truly place a Grace Trail within anyone’s reach! Our larger Custom  Trail Kit is offered by license, and allow people and companies to build their own Grace Trail in a dream location of their choosing. To purchase a Kit for yourself or others, or more information about how you may bulk purchase Trail Kits for your own individual or group settings, please see our purchase links, the Custom Trail Kit questionnaire page, or simply email Anne Jolles directly at

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