How Did Grace Trail Happen?

Grace Trail put the life back into my life.

That is the surprise of my life…
And one of the greatest gifts of my life…

Who would ever have thought that something that I heard at one of the most difficult times in my life would blossom into this wonderful thing called Grace Trail?

How did that happen… in my kitchen in 2000, feeling beaten and discouraged, and at that low moment, I saw and heard these 5 words and questions? And here I am 18 years later sharing it with you.

The gift of Grace is that I asked and then noticed and heard when the answer was given. I don’t mean to sound far out there, it really happened that way. Call it what you like.

I stopped, noticed, listened, saw something that had meaning for me and that has evolved to this amazing Grace Trail that is quietly spreading and being walked and talked worldwide.

It is just so simple and effective… why didn’t anyone do this before?

That is the mystery of Grace… the beauty of Grace.

I am so happy to be here to share it with you today.

This is what I know:
Grace happens… and
Grace matters.

You can just wait and notice when it happens to show up, or you can attract it and invite it in by asking the 5 Grace Trail questions. Then you share from there.

Grace Trail brings the curiosity and compassion.

A good question can be the beginning of a great adventure. All you have to do is just show up and start walking. And then we’ll see, right?

From my heart to yours,
          this Trail’s for you

With gratitude and a smile,

Who Is Anne Jolles?

Anne was a surprise presenter at my annual real estate meeting. What a gift to have her there. Her sage observations were delivered with an accessibility and vulnerability we could all relate to… My experience with her lasted under an hour, yet… has been instrumental in my recent successes both personally and professionally.   I keep a stone she gave me from the Grace Trail upon which I wrote down a single word about myself that I focus on.  It says “special,” and that’s how she made me feel. Walking along on her Grace Trail, baby steps soon become giant steps

Amanda Carr

Executive Director, WICN Public Radio/NPR affiliate, Musician, Vantage Point Realty Advisor

Anne Barry Jolles is a life coach, author, TEDx speaker, and creator of Grace TrailⓇ. She thrives on working with courageous people wishing to transform the way they live and work and are willing to do what it takes to get there.

Blending life experiences and research, Jolles created the Grace TrailⓇ and has shared it with thousands as it evolved for over a decade. The trail has many forms, including an actual trail in Plymouth, MA, virtual trails, workshops, webinars and retreats.

Her international award-winning, bestselling book “Grace Trail: Find Your Footing and Move Toward The Life You Were Meant To Live” was recommended by Jack Canfield, “Chicken Soup for the Soul” co-creator and is available at major booksellers. She also created and ran Grace Trails for a combined 25,000 participants at the 2015 Massachusetts Conference for Women and 2016 FIGMENT Boston on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  Her TEDx Talk, “Cracking the Grace Code” debuted at TEDx Wilmington Women in October 2016.

Jolles was named Life Coach of the Year 2013 by the International Coach Federation of New England, has a private practice and is a life coach for Bradley Communications’ Quantum Leap program. She initiated and created the Coaches Corner in 2012 for The Conference for Women, the largest women’s conference in the United States. This program, utilizing ICF coaches from across the nation, is responsible for coaching thousands of women each year. She was also the Chairperson for the Massachusetts Conference for Women Partnership and ICFNE from 2012 to 2015. She was awarded the ICFNE Director’s award for Distinguished Achievement in 2013 and sat on the ICFNE board of directors in 2013 and 2014.

Jolles earned a B.S. in occupational therapy from Boston University and an M.B.A. from Simmons College Graduate School of Management. She was awarded her ICF Professional Coach Certification (PCC) in 2000 and and received her Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) certification from Coaches Training Institute.

Grace Trail Timeline at a Glance

What people are saying

Thank you so much for your talk at the Share and Share Alike speaker series and for sharing with us your passion for transformation through grace.  I heard from many present that they loved your talk and hearing your story. You were a big part of the success of the event. …

I have really enjoyed your helpful approach to equipping people with additional tools for resiliency. I loved walking the original Grace Trail and was so happy to (virtually) bring others along at our Council on Aging through a guided imagery meditation – all I needed to do was describe your beautiful trail and introduce your elegant structure. Everyone at the meditation class at loved the Grace Trail!  Thanks again for giving us the gift of your experience.

Marilee Comerford

Ministry leader, Trinity Episcopal Church

Anne’s “grab life by the horns” attitude is contagious. She empowers her listeners to get in the driver’s seat and take the journey they were destined to travel.


Manager and Workshop Participant

Wonderful presentation.  Inspirational, motivational, and enlightening.  Definitely will get the book.  So HAPPY I came today!

Nicole Silva

Attendee, Plimoth Plantation Lunch & Learn

Anne Barry Jolles brings a simple formula that has the ability to bring powerful transformation.

Laurie McAnaugh

life coach

The seminar was fabulous, I kept meaning to drop you an email and tell you how impressed I was. It is how I try to live my life daily…


Registered Nurse

Thank you again for the lovely event! I loved it & you are such a ray of sunshine! So inspiring.

Bonnie Templeman

Embrace One Change

If you should get the chance to meet Anne Jolles in person, you will see she embodies the words she writes and lives them out daily with JOY!

Dr. Therese Heney


Having witnessed firsthand the impact of Anne’s coaching skills, I eagerly recommend that others touch base with Anne and give G.R.A.C.E. a chance.  Rather than jumping in and feeding an anxious situation, I can let it pass while thinking of the small miracles that have touched me. Later, as I take a moment to appreciate my new-found capacity to quiet a stress-filled situation, I can’t help but smile; and, of course, be grateful.


CFO of a school system

Anne is an incredibly gifted coach. She has the confidence and knowledge to support and encourage her clients to know their desires, focus on them and achieve their hearts dreams and wishes.

Dawn Williams

Entrepreneur and Parent

As a result of Anne’s course, I have not only mastered the G.R.A.C.E. process, but I have learned how to invite grace into my life each and every day. Thank you Anne!

Colleen Kolars

CPCC, Empowered Coaching

This presentation has inspired me, has given me a sense of relief.  Calmness and serenity are leaving with me today.  Thank you!


Plimoth Plantation Lunch & Learn

Since working with Anne, I have reached goals that I knew I could, but didn’t have the courage to try. I’ve had a one woman show of my paintings, and been accepted into a gallery. With each of the goals I set for myself and reach, I still feel surprised I can do it. Anne is never surprised- she knew it would be. She believed in me before I believed in myself. She is a thoughtful listener who holds me accountable for my thoughts and wishes so that I can make them come true!

Helen Crouse

Artist, Entrepreneur, Parent

To learn more about how Anne can help you live your best life, contact her at

Exciting news - Anne’s bi-monthly ‘Message of Hope’ email series is transitioning into a video podcast Tales from the Trail. This podcast will include real life stories sent from our Grace Trail community about their own lives, and which Anne will read or highlight on a video episode. Anne's first video will tell a compelling Grace Trail user story and we encourage you to watch this informative episode on YouTube by clicking the “Tales from the Trail” button here or provide us with your email address in the link below. If you would like Anne to consider or present your own story on our channel, please email us your story in the page button right here. Thank you for watching our videos and please support the Grace Trail with your likes, subscriptions and ‘turn on notifications’ on YouTube so you never miss our episodes!

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