The Original Grace Trail®, Plymouth, MA

This is an honorary Trail Location, granted special permission by Grace Trail, Inc, that falls outside of a formal trail license agreement. It holds a special place in the history and development of Grace Trail as this is Anne’s first trail that inspired the other trails nation wide. Not only is this where she created the first but it is actually where she got the inspiration to create a Grace Trail.

This one mile harbor side Grace Trail runs along a paved and sandy path and meanders through a field with spectacular views. Large ocean stones with hand inscription are in place to guide walkers. This has become a destination for thousands who come to Plymouth and walk this unique trail. This inspirational location provides views of the harbor, salt marshes, an osprey nest, fields of grasses and plenty of wild life to help you to find your answers on your Grace Trail.

100 William T Morrissey Blvd, Boston, MA 02125

Grace Trail Gallery

"Grace Trail gave me the space to have a conversation that really mattered.”
"I could have skipped therapy today because walking Grace Trail was more helpful.”
Betty F.
“We renewed our wedding vows at the Acceptance station on this Grace Trail.”
Mr. Q.