Beth Israel Deaconess Plymouth Grace Trail

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It was an amazing feat to get this Grace Trail® installed for the heroes, staff, patients, families and community during the pandemic. I applaud the tenacity and courage of the team that installed this with everything else they had to contend with… This is a trail of hope and compassion.

This Beth Israel Deaconess Plymouth Grace Trail was installed along the hospital Wellness Walk. It provides a firm walking surface, handicap accessibility, good lighting and safe place to walk, reflect, converse and enjoy, alone or with others. Not only does this provide a Grace Trail to the hospital community but the High School and Senior Center, across the street, have access to this resilience process and can walk any time on the trail.

The trail was installed with the support of the hospital Peer Support and Wellness committees. This Grace Trail® has been installed under a license agreement from Grace Trail, Inc.

275 Sandwich St,
Plymouth, MA 02360

Grace Trail Gallery

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