East Lyme Connecticut Grace Trail®

A large town field, packed with ways for people to enjoy, connect and engage in sports and the outdoors…  add 2 Little Free Libraries, benches and then surround all this life and energy with a Grace Trail… Welcome to this beautiful town green… East Lyme Connecticut Grace Trail!

This Custom Grace Trail includes audio (QR codes on signs) from Anne Jolles, creator of Grace Trail, deepening the experience of your walk.

East Lyme has a new addition to its 0.8 of a mile walking trail situated at Samuel M. Peretz Park at Bridebrook. It is called Grace Trail. This self-guided walk was installed as a gift for the community to experience and enjoy as a mindful, meditative walk alone or with others. Our intention is for the trail to offer hope and peace as we honor and explore all of life’s twists and turns!

This Grace Trail inspiration and founder was one individual, Rachel Baer, a resident of East Lyme, who wanted to make a difference in the world… and she has! Rachel did all the leg work and town communication that made this possible. It takes a team to create a Grace Trail but this trail had the power of one individual to get it all started.

Rachel decided to add these wonderful Two Little Free Libraries  at the site of The Grace Trail®, The Children’s Library Trail, at Bridebrook in East Lyme. One library is at adult height, the other at young child’s height with a sturdy bench adjoining them. This is a great addition to the park and the trail as there are many families that regularly use this area & will benefit. Rachel and Dave Baer and a team of volunteers built and installed the benches and this library.

This Custom Grace Trail® that has been installed under a license agreement from Grace Trail, Inc.

If you are interested in creating your own Custom Grace Trail then please fill out this questionnaire and we will get back to you!

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Gratitude makes the world a kinder, a better place to live. I would rather mix with grateful people than those that are constantly critical & complaining about their world. We all know someone that looks for what wrong in their world, let’s be change makers & look for what is going right & show our gratitude.
Rachel Baer, East Lyme Grace Trail founder
Let's begin with Gratitude...


Our East Lyme Grace Trail was installed by Rachel & Dave Baer, residents of East Lyme, with support from the East Lyme Parks & Recreation Department, generous members of our town and as an honorarium to the Brian Dagle Foundation.


East Lyme Grace Trail is modeled after the original Grace Trail in Plymouth Massachusetts, designed by Anne Jolles (gracetrail.com) and under license from Grace Trail, Inc.


When walking this Trail, you are joining a group of people worldwide in creating a Trail of hope and possibility…