Green Trees Farm Grace Trail® Troy, TX

As we Trail blaze our way across the USA…

Fly over Green Trees Farm Grace Trail with us and enjoy the heavenly view… Texas Style! with “Meet Trail founder, Lynda Schumann, and discover her “Big Why” for creating this Grace Trail!

The Green Trees Farm Grace Trails provide the Central Texas community the first Grace Trail to be woven throughout a family- owned 100 acre horse farm…

Just imagine being in the company of 17 horses, 4 ponies, 25 cattle, 4 dogs, 2 cats and 3 Grace Trails that wind around the farm, showcasing horses, riding arenas, pasture, woods, hills, a creek and the horse barns… 

All five GRACE station signs are carved in solid granite blocks with the Welcome Sign and Map an artistic rendition of the Trails that is displayed on the side of the barn.

This Trail is another unique expression of Grace Trail customized to honor this family’s trail vision and location. Just imagine walking these trails and asking those powerful questions…

Lynda and Bill Schumann, proprietors, decided during the COVID lockdowns to incorporate their own Custom Grace Trail on their farm property, commencing to install not one, but three Grace Trail walking paths! The different farm trail paths were designed to reflect the farm’s unique terrain, allows various levels of physical challenge and invites people to enjoy the farm’s beauty while walking. Trails are designed for everyone offering 1/4, 1/2 and 1 mile trail options…

It takes a team to create a Custom Grace Trail and the Schumann family gratefully receives tremendous, loving support from their family, friends, volunteers, organizations and community. 

Look in the Gallery of photos and see Trail installation, Blessing of the Trail and planting of a tree by a Veterans group, Trail Opening Festivities and a good old TX barbecue to celebrate the Grace Trace and to thank all those family, friends and community organizations that supported Lynda and Bill in this beautiful creation.

The Trails were installed as a co-creative effort and provided under a license agreement from Grace Trail, Inc. 

If you are interested in creating your own Custom Grace Trail then please fill out this questionnaire and we will get back to you!

Lynda Schumann, Co-Owner/Manager at Green Trees Farm
Green Trees Farm
2520 Rock Road, Troy, TX 76579

Green Trees Farm 2520 Rock Road, Troy, TX 76579

Grace Trail Gallery

“I am so grateful to offer this opportunity for people to come out and experience the farm and trails. I hope that everyone leaves with a feeling of hope and inner peace.”
Lynda Schumann, co-owner Green Trees Farm Grace Trail
“I never suspected that putting these signs and questions in the fields and walking and asking the questions would have the huge impact on me that it had. It was a remarkable experience!”
Trail Walker at Green Trees Farm Trail Opening


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