West Woods School Grace Trail®

We are excited to announce that the West Woods School Grace Trail is the first elementary school education trail in USA!

  The West Woods School Grace Trail was created during Covid to help this school community process all that they were experiencing.  This trail was installed in close proximity to the school so students and staff can safely walk, process, reflect and connect throughout the school day.  The trail has also been used during staff meetings.

The inspiration for creating this trail came from 2 West Woods School teachers, AnnMarie Blake and Kristen Bell, who walked the East Lyme CT Grace Trail during Covid. They were so moved by the experience they brought the idea back to their school principal, Dan Levy. It takes a team to create a Grace Trail. Together, with the school community and the town, this leadership team brought the West Woods School Grace Trail to reality.

I had the privilege of walking the Trail with students and teachers… I listened and was inspired by them all. It was so exciting to hear these young people process and share together. These students are learning the language of Grace Trail at this young age and can now bring this forward into their lives and families. What a wonderful partner this is to the education process.

Community is welcome to walk after school and on weekends. The students were involved in the creation of this Trail and helped to choose GRACE sign locations.

Here is a poem written by a 2nd grader during a Grace Trail walk:

 Gratitude…  by Sunny

                     I am grateful for the world


my house.

I love the grace trail.

It’s the best trail.






I think it should win an award.

This Grace Trail has been installed under a license agreement from Grace Trail, Inc.

If you are interested in creating your own Custom Grace Trail then please fill out this questionnaire and we will get back to you!

Hamden, Connecticut

Grace Trail Gallery

“Hamden is almost like the America of the future. There are students whose parents are alumni of West Woods and some who just moved here,” said West Woods Principal Dan Levy. He said he looks forward to even more of the community coming together at the school to enjoy the new path.
Principal Dan Levy
“I encourage you to walk the trail and feel your emotions,”
Kira... a second grader at the Grace Trail opening Ceremony