Navarino Grace Trail®… Shiocton, WI

A combination of nature, forest, wildlife, trails and an emphasis on engaging in wellness opportunities make The Navarino Nature Center and Grace Trail wonderful partners.

This trail has it all… large stone boulder signs in three languages: English, Menomonee (an endangered Algonquian language spoken by the historic Menominee people), and Spanish. These stone signs are coupled with physical trail signs, hand made Leopold benches, foot bridges and trails winding through a beautiful forest. 

The community has interpreted this trail in such a way that it custom meets their needs. It helps to celebrate the diversity in the community and each station is placed in a location that ties the meaning of the Grace question into the location and surroundings. 

Volunteers, grants and donations helped pay for this project.                

This Custom Grace Trail was created with a dedicated community effort, and is intended to inspire trail users to self-reflection, resilience, overall wellness, and community. The driving force and energy behind this Grace Trail is “Matty” Janis Mathison Community Leader. Matty brought her love of life and community into the creation of this beautiful Trail. Shawano County is also blessed with another Trail that Matty and her team installed, Alpine Shores Park Grace Trail. Check it out!

Navarino Grace Trail® has been installed under a license Agreement from Grace Trail, Inc.

If you are interested in creating your own Custom Grace Trail then please fill out this questionnaire and we will get back to you!

2266 Northridge Dr, Shawano, WI 54166

Grace Trail Gallery

"It's really an opportunity to walk in the woods, self-reflect, walk with friends, talk about issues in our lives… things that are important, rather than superficial things. Things that make a difference.”
“Matty” Janis Mathison Community Leader and Driving Force behind this Grace Trail.