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“We wanted to create a trail that not only our diverse community of UMass Boston students, faculty, and staff could identify with, but also one that would be useful to the surrounding community residents who utilize the Harborwalk.”

Linda Chiofar (co-facilitator of the installation of this Grace Trail) Lecturer, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Health Promotion Specialist, University Health Services UMBoston

“The success of this project is due to the energy, enthusiasm and excitement our partners had for this project, as well as the countless volunteer hours,” “We had true collaborators from each agency, people were willing to lend their time, skills, expertise, and feedback to make this happen.”

Sarah Camhi (co- facilitator of the installation of this Grace Trail and faculty member at UMBoston at time of installation), Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology, University of San Francisco

The UMass Boston Harborwalk Grace Trail® was built by University of Massachusetts Boston students, staff, and faculty, as well as the Harbor Point community, for the enjoyment of our campus and surrounding neighborhoods.

UMass Boston’s Harbor Walk GRACE Trail provides a stress reducing and health promoting opportunity for individuals to complete a mindful walk. The trail includes maps, information, reflective questions, and small decorated cairns strategically placed along the trail to encourage personal growth and healing for a diverse community. Goals are to connect the Harbor Point community with a public trail that promotes increasing physical activity and mindfulness, add a stress management tool for students to support their academic success, and add official distance markers that coincide with the GRACE Trail to enhance its use for health, fitness, and wellness.

This trail embraces the perimeter of  the campus along the harbor from the most beautiful Boston setting and most inspirational views possible. The energy of the harbor, the skyline, the harbor islands and all the wonderful people walking, feed your vitality and sense of curiosity.

100 William T Morrissey Blvd,
Boston, MA 02125

What if you could ask some powerful questions from an inspirational point on earth . . .

Would your answers be different?

Well, you are sure to find out when you walk this Trail!


Organizations involved in making this Grace Trail a reality

This Grace Trail® has been installed under a license agreement from Grace Trail, Inc.

University of Mass Boston:

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
JFK Library shares the Challenge sign, and courage, with us on Grace Trail.
Listen to audio for each sign here:

Boston Harbor Walk:

Friends of the Boston Harbor Walk:

Dept of Conservation and Recreation:

Boston Planning and Development Agency:

Grace Trail Gallery

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