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What is Grace Trail?

No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve been through,
Grace Trail® will connect where you are now with where you want to go.

You can walk the Trail anywhere, anytime, with anyone by just showing up and asking the Grace Trail questions.  I created Grace Trail in 2012 to help cope with my personal challenges and struggle of having a son in combat in Afghanistan.  Since then, Grace Trail has guided tens of thousands of people to join a simple conversation that directs them on their path toward the life they wish to live.

Plymouth, MA is the site of the original, beloved path, but it is not the only one. Grace Trail can be walked anywhere, from the comfort of your kitchen to the office or any outdoor spot.

By asking and reflecting on the five Grace Trail questions…

What am I grateful for?

What do I need to release to move forward with my life?

What is calling out for acceptance?

What is the next challenge of my own choosing?

What can I embrace as possible?

…you will find that you are walking off your worries and accessing hope and possibility.

Move toward the life you were meant to live with Grace Trail, the Trail that leads back to the best of you.

Grace Trail® is dedicated to all the courageous survivors of life…  Every time you choose to walk forward with curiosity, compassion and courage on this Trail, you are taking five steps towards creating possibilities in your life. I like to think of it as hanging your hope out there on the horizon and walking towards it every day.  That helps everyone around you.

Please enjoy my TEDx Talk, “Cracking the GRACE Code”

Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul creator, and I chat about Grace Trail

Create Your Own Trail

The Original Trail:  Anne created the actual, now-famous Grace Trail that begins in Nelson Park in Plymouth, MA.  Anne gathered the beach stones, wrote the words and questions on them and placed them along a 1 mile trail that thousands have discovered and walked.

Make Your Own Trail:  You don’t have to come to Plymouth to walk Grace Trail!  You can create your own Trail at your home, work, office, church, hospital, school, senior center, college, recovery center, park, convention center, workshop, backyard or kitchen windowsill.

Grace Trail at Work, Community, and Home

The wonderful thing about the Grace Trail is that it can be adapted to meet the needs and objectives of any group. It can as big or small as it needs to be. As a result, Grace Trails are showing up in the most amazing ways.

So join us and be creative as you share Grace Trail in your work, community and life. We can help you to custom design the experience to be as interactive and experiential as you would like it to be.

A wide range of services are available, including keynote speeches, Grace Trail workshops, webinars, fundraising, retreats, installation of permanent Grace Trails, and much more.

If you find your own path

you never lose your way…

Recommended by Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-creator, Anne’s bestselling book Grace Trail®: Find Your Footing and Move Towards the Life You Were Meant to Live is filled with easy to implement ideas, inspirational anecdotes, humor, compassion and realistic optimism. Learn practical, immediate tools to take five steps toward your best life.

Amazon bestseller, also available online at Barnes & Noble and other major booksellers.

  • 2016 Amsterdam Book Festival Winner
  • 2016 New York Book Festival Runner Up
  • 2017 Top 10 Inspirational Book, Aspire Magazine

Grace Trail Hope Cards

57 cards to wake up your life!  150 questions worth asking, plus beautiful images to nourish your curiosity and provide encouragement.  Invite more joy, hope and possibility into each day with Grace Trail Hope Cards.

The Grace Trail Movement is Spreading

The Grace Trail movement is spreading all over the world.  Check out a snapshot of the global phenomenon, by the numbers.

[Click image to enlarge]

Walk the Grace Trail

Walk the original Grace Trail® at Nelson Park in Plymouth, Massachusetts. For our dedicated Grace Trail walkers, please note that the “A” and “C” stones have been moved due to tall grasses.  Below is the suggested route.

  • Start and end at Nelson Street Park on the Rail Trail at Plymouth Harbor

How To Walk It

  • Walk to each letter of Grace
  • Ask the question at each letter
  • Answer the question as you walk
  • Walk to the next letter and repeat steps
  • Others may walk with you but no one can walk for you

Travel = 1 mile

Grace Trail products can be purchased by visiting
our online store and also at these fine retailers:

Would you like to carry Grace Trail products?

Wholesale discounts available for retailers, corporations and groups.  Also available – customized Grace Trail products for fundraising and more.  Email us for pricing and possibilities.

Contact Anne Jolles for professional speaking, workshop, seminars,
or a custom Grace Trail for your organization, business or community.

anne@gracetrail.com or call today at 1-781-878-8589

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