Begin with Gratitude,
End with Hope

Grace Trail helps you to access your inner wisdom, courage and hope. Whether you start your journey at home or at one of our locations around the U.S., know that you are moving toward the life you were meant to live.

What is GRACE Trail?

In its simplest form GRACE stands for Gratitude, Release, Acceptance, Challenge, and Embrace. Grace Trail is based on five questions and concepts with the intention of opening boxes of possibilities! It is a powerful tool that works with your own internal dialogue and can easily be used alone, or with friends and family … anywhere, anytime that you want to explore your thoughts and experiences about what matters most to you.


What am I grateful for?


What do I need to release?


What do I need to accept?


What is my next challenge?


What can I embrace as possible?

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Wanting to be Inspired?

This video was hand-made by world-class artists Toni Alarco & Aitor Cabrerizo through “Claymation”, a process of creating the “Grace” puppet, Trail Kit and storyboard scenery one frame at a time. As with Grace Trail, this video is our way of uniquely sharing our inspiration with you!

Learn more about the artists:

Trail Kit® Products

Our Trail Kits evolved from Grace Trail® founder Anne Jolles’ life experiences, two decades of professional coaching and the building of Grace Trails around the United States. The Kits were designed so anyone can easily and affordably access the Grace Trail and their own inner wisdom, anywhere. Grace Trail offers three types of Trail Kit products, and one is sure to meet your needs.

Mini Trail Kit®

Mini Trail Kit is a portable, self-guiding tool that places “Puts Hope Within Your Grasp!”

Your Trail Kit®

Your Trail Kit is a personal “Trail in a Box!” that allows you to set up a Grace Trail right out of the envelope and enjoy the trail with friends and family!

Custom Trail Kit®

Custom Trail Kit is our larger, licensable product, and is offered to allow people to build their own Grace Trail anywhere, and is limited only by one’s imagination.

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How Grace Trail
got its Start

Anne Barry Jolles is the president and CEO of Grace Trail, Inc. She is also an inventor, author, professional coach, TEDx speaker, and creator of Grace Trail®. She thrives on working with courageous people wishing to transform the way they live and work and are willing to do what it takes to get there.

Hear from Others on the Trail

Grace Trail has helped many people around the country get out of their box.


Tales from the Trail

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