A sneak peek at what’s coming!

Green Trees Farm Grace Trail

(3 trails, lots of horses and 5 wonderful questions…)

Grace Trail® at Green Trees Farm, Troy, Texas
Hand painted map courtesy of artist, Emily Simeroth- soon to have Trail guide added
As we Trail blaze our way across USA, we are very excited to announce Grace Trail, Inc and Green Trees Farm are in the process of developing a license for creation and use of these beautiful Grace Trails. This Trail will be another graceful interpretation of Grace Trail that fits uniquely into this community, their intention and this location… Expansive, beautiful ranch and property, pastures, trails, woods, hills, country roads and Grace Trail®… I should say Grace Trails! There will will 3 trails: 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile/ 1 mile… a trail for everyone.

Just imagine walking or riding these trails and asking those powerful questions…

Can you imagine how this setting would impact your answers?

Green Tree Farm

Lynda Schumann, Co-Owner/Manager at Green Trees Farm
Green Trees Farm
2520 Rock Road, Troy, TX 76579

Green Trees Farm GRACE TRAIL

Grace Trail Gallery

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